Factors of Top Performing Businesses

In order of largest affect (largest first):

  1. Luck.
  2. Graft a.okay.a. criminality.
  3. Unethical practices.
  4. Rape of the planet.
  5. Friends in excessive locations.
  6. Effective shared assumptions and beliefs.


Most entrepreneurs admit that their success is essentially all the way down to luck. Being in the suitable place on the proper time, and so forth.


Criminal enterprises reminiscent of Enron or Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities are extensively recognized. Graft on comparatively smaller scales is widespread as a enterprise technique or tactic.

Unethical practices

Unethical practices reminiscent of stealing from staff, explotation of staff or prospects, rape of pension funds, unethical advertising and marketing practices, and so forth are so widespread as to be frequent observe.

Rape of the planet

Many companies inflate their earnings by means of appropriation of pure sources (water, forests, carbon deposits, minerals, and so forth.).

Friends In excessive locations

Favourable therapy by e.g. regulators or legislators can result in elevated earnings, revenues, and so forth., if you understand the suitable individuals from whom or by way of whom to safe such favours.

Effective shared assumptions and beliefs

Way down on the backside of my checklist is definitely working the enterprise successfully. Little surprise then that every one the opposite choices listed right here appear rather more frequent as methods for “success”.

Most of the choices listed right here reside kind of exterior the management of the companies in query. Luck isn’t within the management of the protagonists. Graft dangers prosecution and sanctions reminiscent of jail. Unethical practices danger alienating prospects. Rape of the planet dangers alienating society, greater than ever these days. Friends in excessive locations depends on having such buddies, and avoiding scrutiny of such relationships.

Only the final choice within the checklist confers a point of integrity. But then when did integrity ever rely for a lot in enterprise?

– Bob

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