​How to get a Scrum Master Role with no experience |#youragilecoach in this 21st century era, roles such as scrum master and agile coaching are springing up as new career paths because companies are now embracing agile and scrum methods as new ways of working hence I will be sharing how you can get a scrum master role with no prior experience #agile #scrum #scrummaster #agilecoaching Thank you all for watching if you have any questions, kindly drop in the comment section or send an email to [email protected] If you are looking for a mentor in your Agile journey, kindly reach out, we can help you! For Mentoring/Coaching services, please send an email to: [email protected] or schedule a quick sync up here if you want to connect on other platforms, we are on LinkedIn and Instagram IG: @youragilecoach LinkedIn- Yinka Okunlade

20 thoughts on “How to get a Scrum Master Role with no experience | Your Agile Coach

  1. hope you enjoyed today’s video. fell free to drop your thoughts on the comments

    1. @Your Agile Coach thank you soo much Sis Yinka. I oassed the exams .listening to your video am not sure if I can confidently start as a scrum master .I wish there was something like training on the job.or working with another scrum master and actually see him play his roles during the scrum events.

    2. Thank you for this video, I don subscribe ohhhh, definitely not letting you out of my reach till I land a good job.

  2. Very nice video, you have explained very nice. I have 8+ years of experience in QA, I want start new role as scrum master, could you please please help to get mentor

  3. Please can you kindly provide me with a key to begin the role of scrum master in a behavioral hospital. I am certified (psm). Your teaching is very motivating

  4. became a fan… how well did you represent your knowledge…. with a smile all the time 😊

  5. This was an interesting session the only downside I see is that you never answer any questions thrown at you in the question box.

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