Here’s what we will cover in this video: – What is a scrum master? – What is the scrum master role? – What does a scrum master do? – A Day in the Life of a Scrum Master explained – What does a typical day of a scrum master look like? Take you through the day in the life of a scrum master – What does a scrum master do all day in 2022? Basically, the daily work of a scrum master – Does a scrum master actually do things? Is a scrum master needed? Is a scrum master useful? – The daily activities of a scrum master – The roles and responsibilities of a scrum master – Common activities that a scrum master does all day – Is being a Scrum Master really a full-time job? 💡 Need additional help? Check out my FREE webclasses here: What this channel is about: The #1 place on YouTube for all things Agile. This channel explores: – Agile methodology, principles and value – Agile advanced scrum masters training – Scrum developer, scrum product owner – Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP) – Agile project management and software development – Agile SAFe – etc. I want to hear from you. Please ask your question, provide feedback and give your point of view on the topic in the comment section below. Thanks for your support

23 thoughts on “I Asked 152 Scrum Masters WHAT THEY DO ALL DAY IN 2022! (I REGRET IT…)

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    1. How many hrs is considered as one point. And how to improve velocity (in terms of hrs), because already team is commiting enough story points for the sprint

  2. Quite surprised that the scrum masters surveyed spend so little time learning

  3. Great video coach. Wish, one day soon I could also see, what a SAFe scrum master does in a day 👍

  4. I just hate the fact that people thing Agile model works for everything bc they don’t even understand the subject matter.

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